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Special Stainless Steel Fasteners Assembly

Resin anchor assembly

Resin anchor bolt assemblies are used in new structures and as replacements in older berths. A resin anchor bolt assembly consists of a fender fixing stud, nut, chemical resin capsule, and washer depending on the fender type. 

Sleeve-type bolt assembly

Sleeve anchors are quick, easy versatile masonry and concrete anchor fasteners, which extend against the base material to allow a strong connection and help distribute the load-bearing weight. This means they can be used in a variety of applications from anchoring brackets to brickwork to structural concrete anchoring applications.

U hook assembly

U Hook bolts are fasteners used for load-bearing applications such as tie-down points for permanent and temporary holding in concrete floors, or even for items hung from ceilings and walls. It may consist of a long or short bolt with a hooked U hook at the end like a question mark.

Mooring ring assembly

Mooring Rings are used for fastening small boats and crafts. Mooring rings are available in various grades both in stainless steel (SS) and mild steel (MS). These rings are used to propel or moor small boats and crafts.

Foundation bolt assembly

Foundation bolts are one of the most common types of embedded parts. Consisting of metal rods and various configurations, which differ depending on the type of mounted structure. They are used everywhere in construction, from bridges and road junctions to high-rise buildings and factories.