SS fastener likely refers to a fastener made of stainless steel (SS), a corrosion-resistant alloy commonly used in various industries and applications.

Specifications :

Standards :

Stainless Steel Fasteners 202, 304, 304l, 316, 316l, 309, 310, 410, 409, 316ti and also in hastelloys, duplex, monel, nickel, titanium, etc.

Type :

Hot Forged and Cold Forged

Shapes :

Bolts: Hex Head Bolts, Hexagon Head Screw, Mushroom Head Square Neck Bolts, T- Head Bolts, Wing Screw, Eye Bolt, Lifting Eye Bolt.

Screw: Pan's head slotted screws, cheese head slotted screws, countersunk head slotted screws, countersunk raised head slotted screws, pan Phillips head screw, countersunk Phillips raised head screws, slotted cheese trim head machine screws, socket head Allen cap screws, Allen countersunk socket head cap screws, socket head shoulder screws, socket head cap screw low head, hexagon socket set screw with flat point, hexagon socket set screws with cone point, hexagon socket set screw with a dog point, hexagon socket set screws with a dog point, hexagon socket set screws with cup point, imperial socket cap screws.

Nuts: Hexagon nuts, hexagon coupling nuts, hexagon thin nut, square nut, hexagon castle nuts, self locking nut, hexagon domed cap nuts
Washer :

Plain washer, plain big od washer, plain small od washer, spring lock washer, spring washer heavy duty, tooth washer, serrated star washer, tab washer with one tab, tab washer with two tab

Finish :

Hot dip galvanized, Epoxy Coated, Electro polished, Matt/Mirror Polish, Teflon Coated, and Oxidized.